A Nice Upgrade

We are now into game six of the 2009 season.  One immediate upgrade from last year is apparent.  There is now coffee readily available in the dugout during the game.  This minor league luxury may seem miniscule; however, it saves me the sometimes long journey into the clubhouse to make my own. 

Opening day was cool.  Fresno had a ‘flyer over’ during the national anthem.  The fans always go wild when some type of fighter jet rips through the air and overpowers whomever is singing the anthem.  I enjoyed it. 

After Fresno, we shot on up to Sacramento.  I heard this team usually has the highest attendance in minor league baseball.  I can see why.  It’s a nice stadium with a great location and besides the Kings of the NBA, there isn’t any other sporting team around that I know of.  I guess it also helps that they have won the league the last two years. 



  1. Kaybee

    Congrats on getting called up yesterday! This must be so exciting to you, definitely enjoy it! I can’t wait to see what you can do for the club (hopefully throw strikes). I’m going to be at the game on Sunday, so maybe I’ll see you there. Again, congrats, and welcome to the Padres!!

  2. nello4856@gmail.com

    Hey Greg, its Anthony Campellone we played little league ball together. Just wanted to say Congrats and good luck with everything. Everyone around here is talking about. Good job!!!

  3. a_feltman@hotmail.com

    My name is Art Feltman. Bill Strom, Ralph Albano and I coached you in Little League when you were 9 yrs old. We went 17-0 that year… 🙂 We want you to know that we are very excited to hear you’re getting your shot in the “big show.” I want you to know that even at 9 we could tell you were an gifted athlete but more importantly you were a good kid and a pleasure to coach.

    I live in South Carolina now but I will look out for Padre games… Best of luck !!!


  4. jhnmarcellus@yahoo.com

    I hope you still check this b/c I wanted you to know that myself and many others around here are so proud to hear of your accomplishments. A kid who grew up on Union Ave. (one street from my old house) is playing and succeeding in the majors? Three college roommates and old teammates of mine and myself are going to take a trip up to see you guys play on the Saturday of your September series with the Pirates. Two will be flying in and one will be driving in with me. Hope to see you there! A very proud ex-coach,
    – Jack Marcellus

  5. z9711.4ever@yahoo.com

    Mr. Burke.. It’s Z-man, or Connor Zielinski from Bellmawr. Congrats on EVERYTHING! It was awesome to see you pitch.. and even against the Phils! My mom and I are going to the make up game on the 23rd in Philadelphia. It be really cool to see you pitch.

    Good Luck on everything. You a real role model!

    Connor Zielinski (Z-Man)

  6. lynchmob98

    3 fantastic blog entries … Thank-you!

    And clearly I’m not the only one interested to read more … as soon as you can get some time, we will appreciate it.

    And keep up the great work of making yourself a better pitcher and the Padres a better team!

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