One Season Ends, Another Begins

So spring training has concluded and organizations are sending teams to their new home for the next 5 months or so.  What a long spring it was!  I can hardly remember the day we reported, nor my first bullpen session. 

So how was my first “Big League” spring training?

Well, I learned a lot.  A lot more than I thought I would.  I met many new faces…. faces I only knew previously through sportscenter.  I was fortunate enough to talk with some of the veterans about their routines and experiences.  Making sure I didn’t overstep my boundaries, I was mostly seen and not heard.  The front office, the staff and all the players made it a truly welcoming experience. 

As far as on the field, we as a team didn’t win very much this spring.  However, the spring doesn’t mean anything.  It is a time to tune up your skills and get your body ready for the grind of the 162 (or 142) game season.  Personally, I’d say that I held my own in the Cactus League.  I made about 12 appearances through spring and exhibition games.  Surprisingly, I pitched more than most in camp and managed to make it through the entire spring with the big league team until last thursday before I was called into the office and informed that I was going to start the season in Portland. 

Currently, I’m in San Diego.  The Padres played two exhibition games; home in San Diego and away at Anaheim.  I was invited on the trip and pitched yesterday in Anaheim at Angels Stadium.  I got a little taste of pitching in a big league stadium in front of 30,000 fans.  It was pretty sweet to say the least. 

So tomorrow I fly to Portland to get settled, then Thursday the Beavers play against the Grizzlies in Fresno.  Time to start a whole new season!     


    • Greg Burke

      Well, I watch sportscenter most nights so it’s tough not to see how they are doing. But I check here and there on how guys are doing that I know or have played against. So I guess I keep up with their season pretty closely.

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